Comparing Two Italies. Civic Tradition, Trade Networks, Family Relationships between the Italy of Communes and the Kingdom of Sicily

Edited by P. Mainoni and N. L. Barile A fresh look at the complex historical problem of the ‘Two Italies’The title of this volume recalls the famous 1977 book by David Abulafia, The Two Italies, about the origins of the so-called ‘unequal exchange’ and ‘dual economy’ between Northern and Southern Italy. These are supposed to…

La Renaissance italienne dans les rues du Ghetto. L’œuvre poétique yiddish d’Élia Lévita (1469-1549)

L’œuvre poétique yiddish du savant hébraïste Élia Lévita constitue une brillante illustration des tendances esthétiques de la Renaissance italienne dans les couches populaires de la société juive au début du XVIe siècle. Cet ouvrage constitue la première étude d’ensemble de l’œuvre poétique yiddish d’Élia Lévita (1469-1549) et cherche à définir sa place dans la littérature…

Slavery and the Slave Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean (c. 1000–1500 CE)

A comprehensive collection of innovative studies on slavery and the slave trade in the eastern Mediterranean during the Middle Ages. Slavery has played a significant role in the history of human society, not the least in the greater Mediterranean region, since ancient times. Long neglected by mainstream historians, the medieval history of slavery has received…

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