MedNex Book Series (Brepols Publishers)

This series of monographs on the history and literature of the Mediterranean world emphasises exchange and cross-fertilisation between the great linguistic and intellectual units of medieval and early modern times, from Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, the Levant, and the Balkans, across to Italy, France, and the Mediterranean archipelago, wherein met cultures, armies and written sources: Greek, Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, Armenian and Latin. The period is distinguished by changing templates of dominance, division and conflict.

Editorial Board

Lorenzo CALVELLI, Associate Professor of Ancient History and Latin Epigraphy, Ca’ Foscari Venezia (https://www.unive.it/data/people/5592673)

Christopher S. CELENZA, Professor of History and Classics, Georgetown University (https://georgetown.academia.edu/ChristopherCelenza)

Evelien CHAYES, Researcher and Research Associate in Romance Languages and Cultures and Medieval and Early Modern Intellectual History, Radboud University Nijmegen and CNRS-IRHT, Paris (https://ilm-project.academia.edu/EvelienChayes)

Gilles GRIVAUD, Professor of Medieval History, Université de Rouen (http://grhis.univ-rouen.fr/grhis/?page_id=480)

Martin HINTERBERGER, Professor of Byzantine Literature, University of Cyprus (https://ucy.academia.edu/MartinHinterberger)

Michalis OLYMPIOS, Assistant Professor in the History of Western Art, University of Cyprus  (https://ucy.academia.edu/MichalisOlympios)

Christopher D. SCHABEL, Professor of Medieval History, University of Cyprus (http://ucy.ac.cy/dir/en/component/comprofiler/userprofile/schabel)

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